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When technology, information, and people aren’t leveraged expertly to manage inbound materials and outbound goods, money and time are lost and reputation is damaged.

Founded in 1985, Evans is a full-service, third-party provider of custom logistics solutions for a diverse range of shippers across North America. For maximized agility, Evans is asset-less and privately owned, fueled by unmatched technology and its uncommonly dedicated team. In an industry defined by volatility, Evans’ unwavering commitment to value provision facilitates an average customer retention rate of nine-plus years. Outsource your transportation management to Evans and unlock the information, cost-savings, and speed that you need to be the best in your class.

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Why We Are Different

Evans was founded upon an unmatched commitment to customer service and an unshakeable bedrock of guiding principles: integrity, positivity, passion, communication, and trust. As the logistics industry continues to evolve, so does Evans, referring to its start-up story and guiding principles to ensure its everlasting commitment to the provision of above-and-beyond customer service and strategic solutions that have come to be known as “The Evans Experience.”



No one makes it 30+ years in any industry by cutting corners. At Evans, our success is defined by the results we provide our customers, allowing them to rest easy knowing no angle for opportunity is left unexplored.



The more complicated your challenge, the hungrier we are to solve it. Bring us your most perplexing supply chain situations and we will bring you strategic solutions scratch-made for your needs.



The only way to be the best at what you do is to love what you do, and at Evans, we love logistics. Digesting industry insight daily ensures we offer the smartest solutions to streamline your supply chain.



As a third-party service provider, communication is key to success. With cutting-edge technology and unmatched customer service, you’ll have the information you need before you even need it.



There are rate shops and there are solution providers; at Evans, we pride ourselves on being the latter. With open book pricing and complete network transparency, you’ll always know you’re in control.

The Evans Story

Founded in 1985 by partners Marty Johnson and Charlie Keepman, Evans is a leading, full-service logistics solutions provider for a diverse range of manufacturers across North America.

As two young buck freight brokers with an insatiable hunger for success, Marty and Charlie spent Evans’ early years clocking 15-hour days hustling to move freight as a two-man tag team operating out of a tiny office above an old carpet store in Hartland, Wisconsin.

After great success, Marty and Charlie invested in new logistics ventures, expanding their domain. In 1992, they started E.T. Express, a full-service trucking company. 1995 brought the purchase of Perrysburg, Ohio-based Emergency Medical Delivery and – in 1996 – they procured Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Jeff’s Fast Freight. Acquiring trucks and talent, Evans’ two-man tag team began to grow into a full-fledged fleet.

Leveraging their new resources, it didn’t take long for Marty and Charlie to forge Evans’ first managed transportation partnership. In 1995, impressed by their unmatched drive, creativity, and customer service, a global bioscience company that develops natural solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries signed on with Evans for what would become a 20-year partnership.

To accommodate their newest customer’s needs, Marty and Charlie knew that they’d need a higher tech information management system than filing cabinets and fax machines. So, using knowledge gained from a couple of introductory-level computer programming classes and figuring out the rest on their own, in 1995, they built and launched Evans’ first transportation management system (TMS), one of the logistics industry’s first.  

This concentration on cutting-edge technology and custom client solutions guided Marty and Charlie to the realization that their 3PL had always been more than a rate shop. By 1997, the little brokerage company above the old carpet shop had evolved into a strategic logistics solutions partner, providing so much value to its customers that – to this day – Evans leads the otherwise volatile logistics industry in customer retention with an average life of nine-plus years.

In 2001, Marty and Charlie sold their trucks to focus on what they’ve always done best: coordinate the on-time movement of freight for the right price. To confirm Evans’ new identity, further, they defined the unique value with which it provides its customers as the “Evans Experience.”

By 2007, Evans’ exponential growth began to attract top talent, resulting in the doubling-in-size of its once 30-person team. Growth meant that a new, more robust TMS solution would be needed and in 2013, Evans signed on with MercuryGate to offer the power of end-to-end data visibility to its customers. 

Growth also meant that Evans needed to define the values that have always guided them and in 2014, Evans’ official Guiding Principles were determined: “Integrity, Positivity, Passion, Communication, and Trust.”

Evans is just as committed to technological innovation as it is to its values and in 2017 alone, Evans struck a new API partnership with project44 to automate the entire lifecycle of LTL shipments, thus minimizing error, increasing speed, reducing cost, and maximizing data visibility; Evans joined the Blockchain in Transportation Alliance (BiTA); and the transition to MercuryGate’s latest, most powerful, and most intuitive version, ezVision, commenced.

Today, Evans is still owned by Marty and Charlie, those same young buck freight brokers, only – now – they’re just a little bit older. Thankfully, with age comes experience and with experience comes wisdom, a quality Marty and Charlie impart upon Evans’ constant pursuit of innovation and improvement carried on by its ever-growing team of uncommonly dedicated logistics professionals who embody that same hunger for success upon which Evans was founded in 1985.


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