Strategic, Simplified Money Management

Processing, auditing, and reconciling freight invoices on your own takes time away from your core competency and allows for costly oversights to be made. Evans’ dedicated operations, data, and invoicing teams work together to streamline the flow of money through shippers’ supply chains to maximize cost-savings, allowing them to return their focus to what they do best: their core competency. Partner with Evans and gain…
  • Simplified Money Management
  • Complete Data Transparency
  • Hard and Soft Cost Savings

Managed Money, Maximized Profit

Here’s how Evans manages your money so that time is saved and cost-savings are maximized.

Streamlined Invoicing

Stop trying to reconcile countless invoices from countless carriers on your own. Outsource the freight pay hassle to Evans and enjoy cost and time-savings in the form of singular, simplified, and comprehensive manifest invoices.

Invoice Auditing

Don’t pay carriers more than you have to. Carrier invoice errors are challenging to identify and are difficult to recover. Evans matches each of your invoices to its carrier’s quoted rate or freight tariff and disputes variances for you, securing your agreed-upon rate.

Freight Claim Filing

Face it: freight claim filing is a nightmare. Partner with Evans and save on administrative fees while you optimize your claim filing and resolution rate. Because at Evans, we don’t stand for damaged, lost, or shorted goods, and neither should you.

Strategic Carrier Rating

The successful management of carrier relationships is an art only mastered over time. Evans’ 32-year history and experienced carrier procurement team ensures we’re moving your freight at the lowest cost possible while meeting your specific requirements.

Open-Book Pricing

Guided by our commitment to integrity, communication, collaboration, and trust, Evans’ knows that the more information we share with our shippers, the more success we’ll share, as well. Know our profit on every LTL shipment and know peace of mind.

Vendor Compliance

If you overlook vendor compliance, you overlook money wasted. That’s why Evans works with you to determine and document your preferred procedures and then ensures vendor compliance through monitoring and education, putting you in control of your cash flow.

Discover the Top Evans Advantages

Discover how outsourcing your transportation management to the experienced team at Evans allows you to avoid costly shipping mistakes and keep your core competency in the spotlight.