Profitability Depends on Accurate Information

Information is power. That’s why Evans’ information technology and client solutions teams work together to ensure all of your data for each of your shipments is collected into one location where it is tracked and analyzed to find process optimizations that prevent problems before they occur. Partner with Evans and gain…
  • Complete Data Transparency
  • Custom Business Intelligence
  • Proactive, Data-Driven Solutions

Better Information, Better Results

Here’s how Evans uses data to power smart decision making  that drives your bottom line.

Transportation Management System

Gain end-to-end visibility and maximize efficiency across all modes when you partner with Evans and unlock its industry-leading transportation management system (TMS), one roof under which your entire shipping network can live.

Live Tracking and Tracing

Enjoy control-tower functionality in the palm of your hand with Evans’ real-time carrier tracking app or kick back knowing that Evans’ dedicated Tracking & Tracing  team is monitoring your shipments, ready to mitigate issues with carriers and notify you of milestones.

Custom Business Intelligence

Tell us what you need to know, how you want to know it, when you want to know it, and we will make it happen. Rest easy knowing  that your valued information is safe in Evans’ care; our information technology team is committed to your security.

Interactive Data Dashboard

Why pour over complicated spreadsheets when you can view your data in beautiful, customized, and interactive charts, instead? With Evans’ Interactive Data Dashboard, you’ll be able to analyze your freight data at-a-glance to drive swift and smart solutions.

Dedicated Data Analysis Team

We believe every decision should be fueled by facts. That’s why Evans’ team of smart, innovative data analysts dive deep into your  information to find cost and time savings and identify optimizations that prevent problems before they occur.

Configurable Technology

Configurable technology minimizes operational disruption and reduces software risk. To suit your needs, Evans’ complimentary, industry-leading TMS is fully configurable with your enterprise system via systems integration or a web-based portal.

Discover the Top Evans Advantages

Discover how outsourcing your transportation management to the experienced team at Evans allows you to avoid costly shipping mistakes and keep your core competency in the spotlight.