Optimized Shipping Requires Expert Solutions

Transportation management is complex. From the accurate selection of freight class, mode, and carrier to unpredictable weather, there are infinite variables to juggle and plenty of chances for things to go wrong. Outsource your transportation management to the dedicated, quick-thinking experts at Evans and gain…
  • Complete Control of Your Shipping Network
  • Hard and Soft Cost Savings
  • Improved Reputation

Saving You Time and Money

Here’s how outsourcing your transportation management to Evans clears your calendar and frees up your budget to dedicate to your core competency.

30+ Years of Experience

Good decision-making is powered by in-depth, expansive experience. Founded in 1985 by two transportation industry mavericks, Evans boasts 30+ years of LTL, TL, intermodal, expedited, and intercept optimization.

Dedicated Transportation Teams

When you partner with Evans, our team of experts becomes your team of experts. With an uncommonly high employee retention rate, you’ll experience minimal turnover, which means more progress in less time for your bottom line.

Shipping Network Transparency

Evans’ industry-leading transportation management system (TMS) allows you to view your entire shipping network in one place, putting you in control and facilitating proactive thinking for optimization across all business units.

Technology Made Simple

With live, one-on-one training and an accessible support team, navigating Evans’ complimentary and customizable transportation management system (TMS) is a breeze. Enjoy connectivity via systems integration or a web-based portal.

Carrier All-Star Team

By blending incumbent carriers with Evans-select carriers, we save you money with minimal changes to your supply chain. Our robust rating engine compares pricing for all modes simultaneously, allowing you to be confident in every carrier selection.

Supply Chain Optimization

Evans leverages advanced analysis software to optimize your transportation system and find additional cost savings through compliance, modal swap, load consolidation, multi-pick & drop movements, pooling, and backhauls.

Discover the Top Evans Advantages

Discover how outsourcing your transportation management to the experienced team at Evans allows you to avoid costly shipping mistakes and keep your core competency in the spotlight.