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Transporting Goods

Managing transportation on your own removes resources from your core competency and allows for costly mistakes to be made. Outsource your transportation to the experts at Evans and unlock 30+ years of industry expertise, exclusive carrier contracts, and a relentlessly dedicated team.

Analyzing Information

When you’re not in control of your information, you’re not in control of your shipments. Evans’ industry-leading transportation management system allows for complete data organization and transparency, facilitating proactive optimization opportunities across all business units.

Managing Money

Hidden fees and incorrect information are easy to overlook when you have a pile of invoices to process. Evans audits every carrier invoice and disputes discrepancies for you, then provides you with accurate, streamlined invoices, uncovering cost-savings that drive your bottom line.

“Evans delivers capacity at competitive rates every time we need to move freight. Trust is earned, and we trust them”

The Evans Advantage

At Evans, our success is measured by the results we provide our customers. Leveraging 30+ years of experience, strong carrier relationships, an industry-leading transportation management system, and our uncommonly dedicated team, Evans streamlines the flow of goods, money, and information through shippers’ supply chains, enabling them to focus on what they do best: their core competency. Partner with Evans and gain peace of mind.

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Discover how SAF-HOLLAND’s partnership with Evans reduces their annual transportation spend by 5-7 percent: “These guys honestly seek ways to reduce costs for us, they’re not just moving freight.”

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Think managing your own transportation saves money? You’ll think again when you discover how partnering with Evans allows you to avoid costly shipping mistakes and keep your core competency in the spotlight.

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  • “Evans provides consistent performance through their extensive knowledge of the freight industry and we always know what to expect from them. Their performance instills confidence that they are looking out for our best interests.”

    Purchasing Manager, International Manufacturer
  • “The transition went really smooth. If anything did come up, I cannot emphasize enough how quickly and closely the team worked to resolve issues. Evans never gives us the sense they have grown comfortable and taken our business for granted. They always seem to go one step further than what you are expecting to get the job done.”

    Dir. N. American Logistics, International Manufacturer
  • “We constantly review our partner relationships against their competitors and Evans consistently ranks as the best resource. These guys honestly seek ways to reduce cost for us; they’re not just moving freight. Their hands-on approach and level of experience deliver ongoing opportunities and solutions. They are quick to inform us of industry trends and respond to our needs. I’m very comfortable asking them for additional resources and reporting to help in our business.”

    Dir. Supply Chain & Logistics, International Manufacturer

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